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About 10 years ago Stephan and Pochani, founders of Sloepon Amsterdam Canal Tours, bought their first lifeboat. Had it shipped to the Netherlands and rebuilded it to the perfect canalslope. Their love for the canals and the history of Amsterdam began to grow even more. And with a busy working life, two young children and a lot of volunteering, the city and its waters became their all-time no.1 escape. Taking family and friends for daycruises, dinners on board and for summer evening swims. From big events such as Kingsday, Canalpride, Amsterdam Light Festival and Sail to smaller festivals like the traditional welcome of the dutch Santa Claus (Sinterklaas), you could find Stephan and Pochani with their guests.
The canals are filled with history and we love showing you around, serve you good drinks & fine snacks.

With the purchase of more boats, Sloepon was born and is then their very passionate new business. At the end of 2018 they decided to also offer experiences on AirBNB. In a short year time it became the number 3 of all dutch experiences offered. Bookings together with 5star reviews began to grow even more. Reaching a number of 2700reviews at the start of 2020.
In 2019 Sloepon ambitiously took over a small company with a vintage saloonboat for the luxury tours and continued as Amsterdam Boat Trips. That doesn’t only make us very proud, but gives us the drive to keep improving. And continue to bring the best experiences to our guests!

With Stephan as headcaptain and Derek, Sam, Wessel and Plien as our knowledgeable skippers and co hosts, Amsterdam Boat Trips is certain to bring you the best cruises to remember.

Sailing you through the city, telling you facts and personal stories about their lives in Amsterdam. Rain or shine, it’s always a great experience!

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