What are the cancellation conditions?

Our cancellation policy can be found here.

Can I bring a dog on a boat?

It is allowed to take a dog with you on a boat, but make sure you bring your own rug for the dog to sit on. A maximum of 2 dogs can be brought on board per cruise that fits between the legs. Note: if someone on board is afraid or allergic to dogs, the tickets may have to be moved to a different departure time.

Q: Are your cruises suitable for kids?

Absolutely! We love kids! We have several sizes of life jackets for children here that can be borrowed free of charge to wear on our boats.

Private tour / Public tour / specials

Q: What happens when it rains

All our tour boats can be covered in case of bad with a splendid panoramic roof. The Salonboat boat can even be heated during cold weather. The tour can always take place. Except in case of storms or when the canals are frozen (unique situation)

Q: How much time in advance do I have to inform the final number of guests regarding the catering?

You can change the final number of people up to 72 hours before departure.

Q: How can I pay?

You can book a ticket online here or pay with us on the day of sailing with PIN, credit card or cash. The skipper will carry a mobile PIN device for the payment.

Q: Can we also pay on invoice?

In case of an business event, invoicing is always possible and (down)payment must be done in advance Invoicing is done exclusively under our terms and conditions, feel free to ask.

Q: Does Amsterdam Boat Trips allow more than the maximum capacity of persons on a boat?

Unfortunately that is not possible. There is a legal provision under penalty of high fines if we violate this maximum. Babies are also counted as persons.

Q: Is there a sound system on board the boats?

No. It is not allowed to play amplified music on the boat.

Q: Is there an audio guide in foreign languages on board the cruise?

No, all our skippers can tell you everything about the city in Dutch and English. We choose to have a live guide/host(ess) as we are keen on interacting with our guests.

Q: Can I bring my buggy / wheelchair on board?

That’s allowed as long as it’s folded in and you have informed us in advance. If there are other families on board with a buggy or wheelchair, we have to plan and coordinate it perhaps to another timeslot.

Q: We rented a private boat to celebrate a special occasion. Can we put decorations on the boats?

Birthday and other decorations are allowed if not glued and can be quickly removed without leaving any traces. The decorations can be applied and cleaned up within the time your tour takes place. Please inform the host or captain in advance.